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Serving all of Central Oregon Security needs including Bend, Sunriver, Redmond, Sisters, LaPine, Prineville, Madras and more.

Even a watchful neighbor has to sleep sometime. That's why a monitored home security system from Atlas is the best way to protect your family.

Today’s monitored home security systems do more than deter burglars. Our highly-sophisticated, nearly invisible sensors can be adapted to detect such dangers as smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, broken windows, temperature drops, and water damage. When a problem arises, help is dispatched instantly.

You can also opt for a home security system with remote access. If you travel often for business or pleasure, it’s easy to log on and check your home’s security status, view images from closed circuit television cameras, change access codes, and more.

A Home Security system alerts you and authorities to burglary/intrusion and smoke. You can easily expand your system to include additional doors and/or windows, as well as monitoring for other home dangers.

Homes with a monitored security/smoke detection system generally qualify for 10% insurance discounts. A home security system also adds value to your residence, making it a good long-term investment. Installing a home security system is surprisingly affordable.

There are home security firms, and there are HOME SECURITY FIRMS. Check out all the advantages you get with Atlas Smart Home security systems and monitoring.

SMART = Safe, not Sorry

Bend, Oregon was recently named the 10th most secure town for its size in the nation.

That's reassuring! However, like any growing city, burglary and property crimes still happen, and occur to a degree that might surprise you.

Fire and smoke detectors can easily be made a part of your home security package.

Much better than common smoke alarms, a fire monitoring system alerts the security monitoring service to send the fire department.

Many fires smolder for hours before igniting, and quick action can save your family a huge amount of grief.

Simple smoke damage can ruin your furniture, rugs and possessions. Don't let that happen!

View our expanded new offerings in Fire System Monitoring and Fire Alarms –for commercial buildings and private residences– at Atlas Security Fire Monitoring.

Commerical Security

Right now, in Central Oregon, many commercial security businesses are in turmoil. Several firms are either going out of business, or have stopped servicing their customers.

The bottom line is many Bend and Central Oregon business owners are not being adequately protected.

Atlas is a strong, stable company commercial builders rely on. Our skilled technicians have been performing commercial work for over a decade.

Atlas's commercial security work is focused on burglary protection for businesses such as coffee huts, retail stores, and small offices. We are not in the large commercial market.


Atlas has traditionally been the local builders' choice for Tenant Improvements. In addition to providing the Tenant Improvement for security, Atlas also handles audio speakers and wiring. If you are setting up a retail shop, this one-stop shopping gets your business up-and-running sooner, at lower cost.

As a paid option, we can generate reports that allow our customers to see who opened and closed the shop. We can provide reports that tell the owner whether the alarm was armed or disarmed at the right time.

• Burglary, intrusion, and smoke detection.
• Low temp sensors protect against furnace failure.
• Water sensors detect leaks.
• Panic Alarms
• Carbon Monoxide sensors
• Heat
• Garage Door
• Glass Breakage
• Water Valve Shutoff
• Combustible Gas Detection

Our monitoring and Interlogix panels are UL listed. All parts are guaranteed for one to three years depending on product. Our labor is solidly backed by Atlas for 180 days.

Given the current condition of many of our competitors, Atlas, in comparison, is a local, stable, well-financed company. We perform and execute the work a cut-above our competitors, at affordable prices.

View our expanded new offerings in Fire System Monitoring and Fire Alarms for commercial buildings– at Atlas Security Fire Monitoring.

Video Surveillance

When it comes to security, Seeing is Believing!

Atlas is the Bend, Oregon's leader in advising, installing, and monitoring video security systems for numerous residences and businesses.

Come view our dedicated Video Security and Cameras web site.

Video surveillance is one of the fastest-growing, technically-advanced areas of monitored security.

At Atlas, you can get a demonstration of all the video surveillance capabilities at our Bend showroom.

Video surveillance can be routed to televisions, wall touch screen displays, and to your computer. You can also easily access your video via the Web while at work or while traveling.

Atlas has a huge selection of video surveillance systems, including:
• day / night cameras
• cameras with heaters for extreme cold weather situations
• cameras hidden in smoke or motion detectors
• systems with CD burners for easy transfer of video information
• full battery backup for power outages
• audio as well as video recording

Our security systems can trigger almost any device. For example, a house break-in can turn on high resolution video recording on all cameras. The lights switch on, gates close, and the central montoring station is called. Then, watch from your remote PC, as the guy realizes – as police arrive – that he has picked the wrong house.

Now offering the Smartest Security on the Planet! smart phone-enabled monitoring and control of your home and business security system. security systems -

Left to right: screens for Video Monitoring, Thermostats, Alarm System Updates, Locks, Alarm Arming and Control.

When trouble strikes, is able to interact with the central monitoring station faster than traditional security systems, to send out an immediate response.

• With, the signal from your security systems travels wirelessly, using a dedicated, encrypted and secure connection through a GSM cellular network.

• Since does not rely on a phone line or broadband connection, our security system can't be defeated by a burglar snipping a wire – no wires, and no hassles.

• With patented "Crash and Smash" detection technology, even if an intruder locates and disables a control panel in a "crash and smash" attack, will still send a signal for help.

• Monitoring services are bundled with your security system, purchased through Atlas Smart Homes.

See the Web site for additional information.

What is Cyber Security? Why should I care about it?
What can I do to protect myself?

Cyber Security Services

• Strengthen Home/Business Wifi

Security and Surveillance System Integrity Checks

Enhance Password Security on all devices and accounts.

Usage & Best Practices Training

Recommend upgrades, software, and apps

With so many stories in the news lately regarding "Cyber Security", Russian hacking, data breaches and the like, below are frequently asked questions we hear at Atlas Security.

What is Cyber Security?
Cyber Security is a combination of technologies and practices to protect your personal and professional data from attack, damage, and theft.

Why Should I Care About It?
It is a misconception that "I have nothing of value that anyone would want. Hackers would never target me". On a personal level, a breach can mean the loss of emails, personal photos, banking information, and the fallout from all sorts of social media shenanigans.

Professionally, the consequences can be catastrophic. Just the loss of customer data or banking information can have deep ramifications for years. Recovery requires considerable time and money. Many people do not have access to data recovery services, even if recovery is even possible.

Here's a news story about a Sisters business that got hit hard by a cyber security attack.

What Can I Do to Protect Myself?
Education is the first step. Atlas Security will do a FREE initial assessment to help identify weak points in your network, security holes in your devices, and bad habits that put your data at risk.

Atlas's expertise will suggest solutions to plug the security holes. We train your staff on best practices to protect you and to mitigate risks.

Give us a call today to use this sensible, straightforward Cyber Security service from Atlas Security. 541-382-7777

Our Sales Manager recently sent the information below in a newsletter to our clients. We thought it was worthy of inclusion here:

Cyber Security Services

...a quick update to you on the installation services we provide for our clients.

Atlas has grown significantly over the past two years and we have added services and expertise in areas where we have seen increased demand. if you have a need or would like to gather more information on a particular topic please let us know.

• Cyber Security Consultation and Equipment Installation – New
• Irrigation Control and Monitoring Residential - New
• Fire Panel Monitoring and Inspections – New
• Fire Panel Upgrades and Code Checks – New
• Access Control Systems Installation and Maintenance – New
• Mobile Phone Operated Door Bell Cameras – New
• IP Camera System Installation Wireless Commercial and Residential - New
• IP Camera System Installation Hard Wired(Cat6/Cat5)
• Remote Thermostat Control
• Remote Garage Door Control
• Smoke Detection Monitoring and Notification
• Heat Detection Monitoring and Notification
• Remote Door lock Control - Residential and Commercial
• Temperature/Freeze Monitoring - Residential and Commercial
• Water Leak Detection, Monitoring and Notification - Residential and Commercial • • Water Shut Off Control - Residential and Commercial
• Humidity Monitoring and Notification - Residential and Commercial
• Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring - Commercial
• Carbon Monoxide Detection, Monitoring & Notification- Residential & Commercial
• Combustible Gas Detection - Residential and Commercial
· Door and Window Contacts – Hard Wired and Wireless
· Motion Sensors – Hardwired and Wireless
· Infrared Beam – Hardwired
· Glass Break Detection – Hardwired and Wireless
· Shock Sensor Wall and Window Detection – Hardwired and Wireless
· Panic Alarms – Hardwired and Wireless
· Security & Gun Safe Contacts –Hardwired and Wireless
· Pressure Sensor –Hardwired and Wireless
· Power Failure Notification
· TV/Audio Speaker Wiring and Installation
· Phone/Data Wiring and Installation
· Intercom Wiring and Installation
· Keypad/Touch-screen Wiring and Installation
· Security Wiring and Installation
· IP/Analog Camera Wiring and Installation

Our Advantage:
Security Bend Oregon

• Locally-owned and operated in Bend, Oregon, accountable and committed to the community.

• 10% discount on monthly security monitoring services when switching from another vendor.

• Industry-leading Interlogix products. We have tested all the major brands, and hands-down, Interlogix is the most reliable!

• Most “in-touch” security company. Monitoring and phone support are at a level way above the norm for the industry.

• Our competition remotely checks the operational status of all your sensors and panels - monthly. Atlas Smart Homes checks weekly, and has the ability to check daily, if the need arises.

• Our experience allows us to design security systems that are not overly complicated. The response we get from relieved and happy customers, reflects the effort and understanding we put into alarm system design. Your security system is useless if it is too complicated to set!

• Some companies just do structured wiring while others just do home security. Atlas does both and can integrate them into an efficient, and easily managed system. Your costs are lower than buying two separate systems from different vendors.


Security Systems
Security Monitoring
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* Glass breakage
* Intrusion
* Motion
* Smoke
* Water damage
* Extreme heat
* Carbon monoxide

The Smart Advantage

• Unmatched ease-of-use.

• Most “in-touch” home security company. Monitoring and phone support are at a level way above the norm for the industry.

• More system integrity checks than offered by our competitors.

• Home security systems can be integrated into Structured Wiring projects.

• Atlas Smart Homes features Interlogix - the industry's leading products.

Interlogix by United Technologies

Jim Bowlin, State Farm Agent